Virtual museum and zoo tours

Why not try some virtual museum tours!

Take a virtual tour of the British Museum

Online games and activities to do at home from the Museum of London

Free games and activities from the Science Museum

A free online tour of NASA

Learning resources and activities from the Natural History Museum

Fancy checking out what’s going on at the zoo? Take a look at London Zoo’s video channel or why not see what the animals are up to on these live zoocams:

  • Edinburgh Zoo - Panda, Koala, penguin & Tiger cams HERE
  • Marwell Zoo - Flamingo, Penguin, Giraffe & Lemur cams HERE
  • Dublin Zoo - Elephants, Penguins, giraffes, rhinos, ostrich & zebras cams HERE
  • Living Coast Wild Planet trust - Penguin cam HERE
  • Paignton Zoo - Meerkat & Sulawesi Crested Macaque cams HERE