Making the most of virtual learning

Lockdown has pushed online learning up a notch and like many organisations we’re delivering more over Zoom. We’re running pastoral and meditation sessions, our usual subject classes, creative and exercise sessions, and social ‘events’. 

One of our more popular Zoom sessions from the first lockdown, ‘cooking with Kenny’ is back. These Friday afternoon 'cook-a-longs' enable students to practice cooking at home, in familiar spaces, using their own kitchen tools and appliances. It’s also a fun way to get a nutritious meal ready for Friday night's dinner. 

Accessing sessions from home works especially well for our independent living skills course, parts of which centre around the home environment. Students have been learning about different appliances you’d use in the house, with students and tutors taking it in turns to demonstrate everyday tasks like using a vacuum, washing up and making toast. 

We’ve noticed how many people respond positively to digital technology and we’re working to make sure everyone is digitally connected. Blended learning offers a positive way to engage more with people and it’s likely that some element of this will continue even after lockdown has ended. 

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