New funding to enhance green spaces at the Black Prince Community Hub

It's time to grow! We’re excited to announce that we are one of 100 community nature projects across the UK to receive funding from The Nature Hubs Fund to create new green spaces.

Connecting with nature benefits mood, boosts confidence and improves our general wellbeing, but disabled people can have limited opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. We hope to tackle this inequality by creating a new green area at the Black Prince Community Hub in Vauxhall. This is a collaboration between our horticulture programme and our new Share Community Café catering project. Gardening students will travel from the Share Garden in Tooting to the Black Prince Community Hub to share their gardening knowledge and experience with students at the café. 

They'll work together to renovate neglected planters and grow vegetables like potatoes, courgettes, and beans, and an array of herbs including mint, sage, basil and rosemary.  We also hope to grow some small trees and flowers to attract pollinators, improve biodiversity and contribute to cleaner air in the area.  

We want to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling our food and garden waste using hot composting bins. The compost we generate will be used to help grow our plants, reducing emissions from wasted food, and helping to build healthy soil. 

Our project aims to increase access to green space for our students and the local community in Lambeth whilst bringing people together to enjoy the benefits of connecting with nature.

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