Share Nurseries

We're currently open to the public weekdays from 10am until 3pm.

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Share Nurseries, a social enterprise of Share Community, sells a large range of plants throughout the year.

Everything we sell is lovingly grown and nurtured by Share students as part of their horticulture training. As well as gardening skills, this gives our students a pathway into work-related activities and teaches them valuable employability skills, such as customer service and quality control.

We also sell garden products like compost and handcrafted garden creations including Christmas wreaths and spring and summer planted window boxes.

We grow everything using organic principles without the use of chemicals.

Share Nurseries now has dedicated social media accounts. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (all @sharenurseries) for the latest from the garden, including plants for sale, offers, gardening tips, updates on our education work, news and views and more.

Share Nurseries is based in Share's 2.5-acre garden in the grounds of Springfield University Hospital, where all of Share's horticultural training is provided.

How to find the Share Garden

To find out more, contact our gardening team on telephone 020 3513 6460 or email