Student Voice

We went to Wandsworth. We walked by the river. I saw water and boats. I saw a grey heron, a cormorant, a duck and a moorhen. We sat at the cafe and had our lunch. I had a sandwich and pear and water in a cup. Two women from Wandsworth Park showed...

I got some old stuff here. People don't want some junk stuff. It was a gift from the lady at the scrapstore. I have a pink badge, file and star badge. I made a security ID badge. We got sunglasses and a green arm band and some pens and a lanyard...

Joyce in the Waitrose cafe

We go out on Fridays, we go on trips. We go out with Alice. We go to different places. I feel good about the trips. Today I was leading the group. We came by the 87 bus. After lunch we’ll go back on the bus with Alice. We had a meeting with Donna...

Yasmin and Gifty visit the opticians

We went to the opticians. We looked around Southside. We ordered hot drinks in Waitrose cafe. I ordered a herbal tea it was good. We went to the shop Tiger. I liked the herbal tea. We walked around the shops. I hope we can go to the cinema at...

Harish at the optician

Today we took the bus to Southside. I was group leader. We walked through the shops and went upstairs to the toilets. Then we went to Boots optician. The optician is for people who need glasses and eye tests. We looked at the glasses in rows. We...

Yasmin at Awards

Yasmin complains about cold tea and coffee at Share HQ

Thanush and the catering team

Thanush gets active with a little action!

Jodie and friends

Jodie tells us about her last annual review.


Makedah tells us about why she's so tired!

Gifty and Claire go clubbing

Gifty tells us about when she went clubbing with our Go Anywhere, Do Anything project.