Harish's visit to the optician with My Community and Me

Harish with help from Eleanor
Harish at the optician

Today we took the bus to Southside. I was group leader. We walked through the shops and went upstairs to the toilets. Then we went to Boots optician. The optician is for people who need glasses and eye tests. We looked at the glasses in rows. We asked the optician lots of questions. I need glasses to watch TV and to type on the computer in Gina’s class. I keep my glasses clean. The optician gave us a cloth to clean them with. I liked the optician he was a very nice man and I talked to him.

Afterwards we went to Boots chemist. I found some shampoo, a toothbrush and plasters. I go to the chemist to buy medicine. We went to the Waitrose cafe. I ordered a lemon tea. It was a very nice day. I’m coming back to Southside tomorrow with my sister to watch an Indian film, I’m happy!

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