Share to exhibit at the Wandsworth Arts Fringe

We’re thrilled to be taking part in the Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2021. Share's art and wellbeing programme allows students to develop their creative skills to help them reduce inhibitions, build confidence, and improve wellbeing. Creating art gives people who may struggle with traditional communication a unique opportunity to discover and express their thoughts and feelings.

Our No Limitations art exhibition will include a wide selection of photography, drawings, sculptural pieces, and textile work. Each piece is a celebration of how our students see themselves, their environment, their community, and the world. Students are inspired to create their artwork from everyday experiences and the everyday objects they encounter. A common thread through our work is sustainability, an understanding of climate change and the world around us, and how important it is to be resourceful, recycle items, and not create unnecessary waste.

Art works are personal, powerful pieces drawing on the emotional impact of the pandemic, allowing viewers a glimpse into the creative complexities of our students.

SAVE THE DATE: The exhibit will be Saturday 3rd July from 10am until 4pm at the Share garden

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