Congratulations to our students for winning awards in the Wandsworth Art Competition

Student Rehan stands proudly next to his colourful artwork depicting a harmonious park scene

We’re so proud of our art students who won two awards in the Wandsworth Art Competition alongside other winners from Action Space and Generate

The competition recognises the talent and creativity of people with a learning disability. The themes were ‘Go Green’ and ‘Hopes and Dreams for your Borough’. Our Tuesday art class won their award for a collaborative piece called ‘Coming Together’, a vibrant and expressive collection of colourful vertical fabric panels depicting being at one with nature.  

Student Rehan created ‘My Dream Community’, a colourful and detailed piece showing an ideal community where harmony, activity and nature coexist seamlessly. The artwork is an inspiring reminder of the potential for creating harmonious and diverse living spaces, nurturing both the environment and our community. 

Both these pieces will be displayed in shared working spaces at Wandsworth Town Hall. 

We enjoyed a gorgeous lunch with cake in the Marble Hall followed by the formal awards ceremony in the Council Chambers where students were presented with certificates, vouchers and glass trophies by Cllr Simon Hogg. All our students were rightly proud of their achievements, Kelly said, ‘It was such a great day!’  


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