Inclusive evening event launched combining fun and relaxation

Share students relaxing

Go Anywhere, Do Anything, Share’s established social inclusion project supporting disabled adults to enjoy a social life, has started a new initiative based at Share’s Clapham Junction site. The idea for the event (that we're calling a hangout) first came from Share students who wanted to meet up with their friends outside Share's usual hours, and relax in an informal space.

Go Anywhere, Do Anything has always been about supporting people to enjoy leisure experiences that they choose, so it was important that the new event was shaped by their own wants and needs. And with the support of our volunteer social buddies, we ran the first hugely successful event in early May, with further events planned for later this year. We had food, video games, a disco, a dance workshop, and even some live drumming improvisation, plus a chillout space for relaxation. We couldn’t run these type of events without the valuable support of our volunteers who had enormous fun joining in and supporting the activities. 

We asked some of our students about the event.

What did you guys do at the Go Anywhere, Do Anything hangout?

Makedah, 'Dancing, and talk with my friends. I played games with Cherelle, bowling. Drinking, and we eat a lot, and go home, that's it!'

Andre, 'I played games. Talking to my friends.'

Cherelle, 'Me had food and drink.'

Did you guys do the drumming activity? If you didn't, what other activities did you do?

Makedah, 'I like video games, I like dancing games.'

Andre, 'Yes, I think I did the drumming.' 

Cherelle, 'Me like dancing.'

Would you like to go to another hangout?

Makedah, 'Yes, I enjoyed myself.'

Andre, 'Yes, I enjoyed it.'

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