An innovative way to support us - send ecards this Christmas

This year, we've linked up with, so you can send charity ecards to loved ones and donate the cost of the cards and stamps you’ll be saving to Share.

By sending ecards you’ll also be reducing the amount of card used each year, as well as the fuel used to deliver cards both nationally and internationally. If you need to say ‘happy holidays’ or ‘thank you’ to a large group, you can send all of your ecards in one hit, or tailor each message and send cards individually. 

 Here’s how it works in just 3 simple steps:

1. Log on to

2. Compose an ecard 

3. Donate the cost of sending greeting cards

This is an easy and eco-friendly way to support our work, helping us provide even more programmes and activities to help disabled people live life to the full.


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