Share students visit the Austrian Embassy

Students on our community-based programmes, My Community and Me, and Get Out and About, visit a variety of public venues and other spaces to learn more about their communities, gain confidence in public, and integrate more in society. We aim to explore new and interesting places and we were delighted to have the opportunity recently to visit the Austrian Embassy in Belgravia. Mila greeted the group and showed everyone round the Ambassador's home, telling us about all the different events that go on there. We were then treated to pizza, juice, and snacks to enjoy in the very splendid surroundings! 

Veneshia said, 'It was good. We saw old paintings, flags, bannisters. We spoke in a different language. Pizza, strudels, tea.'

Gifty said, 'It was good, we had fun. Long walking. We found a shortcut, took the bus number 2. We talked about chairs, paintings, the lady showed us downstairs and then upstairs, take pictures. We had two drinks, it was funny when the [Share] staff took pictures!'

Alex said, 'The food, the rooms, to the park, birds, piano, horses [in the paintings].'


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