Jodie - taking the lead with health and fitness

Jodie often told us how much she loved Zumba, a Latin inspired dance and fitness programme. After a few chats with our Wellbeing Manager, they both came up with the idea of Jodie starting up a dance club at Share.

Jodie now runs weekly fitness dance classes for fellow students at our head office. She prepares for each session by going around the building and encouraging everyone to attend. The sessions are popular and Jodie makes sure staff attend too!

Jodie has also run a special session at our garden party, taking the microphone and getting everyone to join in, and plans to do the same at our annual awards bash. It’s a fun way to maintain a healthy mind and body and empowering for Jodie to take the lead. She said, ‘I’m a good teacher, other students like it, they say “Jodie, you’re a star!”

‘When I do classes, it’s really good. I do it with music, I do two songs, then the cool down. I tell everyone “can we have space”, it’s important to give everyone space.

‘It makes me happy and excited. I’m thinking and I know what I’m doing. I’m going to keep doing it all my life.’

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